As a governmental agency, security is a top priority. MiTec has earned our trust to remote in and do repairs. MiTec always takes time to answer our questions without making us feel like a non-tech person.
Linda Koch Procurement Manager
Randolph County Housing Authority
we have not had any down time, which prior to MiTec services had NEVER happened before. Since we have had fewer problems than we did in the past, we have saved a great deal of money on technical support. We have been extremely pleased with MiTec Computer Solutions and will be using them for a long time to come, as well as recommending them to other businesses.
Crystal Conti Office Manager
Skinner Insurance Agency
If you need trustworthy, extremely knowledgable, friendly, and very cost effective support for your computer network, or just computers contact MiTec.
Barb Fowler
"When MiTec came in... The speed has been incredible, no slow downs, no drags. You can call whenever you need to call and they are quick to respond."
Bobby Benavides, FUMC of Elkins
They are looking out for us and protecting our information so I don't have to worry about that myself.
Lydia Johnson-Grady, Director
Randolph-Tucker Children's Advocacy Center