Our Story

Founder and CEO Mike Gallogly is a self-admitted techno geek, engineer, businessman and educator. That's a lot to admit to, but throughout his life, he always reveled in the fact that he walked to the beat of a different drummer. His joy in life comes from learning new things, solving problems; looking at issues from different perspectives and helping others reach their potential.

His friends and family were concerned when he and his wife Sharon, sold their house in New Jersey and moved to the mountains of West Virginia. By this time their children were in college and on with their lives. He was no stranger to the state since he earned his Bachelor of Science at D&E College in Elkins WV. Prior to this he was a manager in his family's grocery business, was a CAD/CIM designer for Advanced Technology in Reston VA, worked as an industrial designer for DuPont and was Technology Director for a public school district.

After a number of years working for the Wood Technology Center and Mountain State Information Systems, Inc. he noticed some serious issues faced by the local business community along with many of the non-profit institutions. Too many businesses were suffering from major loss of their data because the backup systems were not properly designed and maintained. There was a serious lack of broadband in the area, and most of the IT support consisted of friends or family that knew a little about business computing systems, servers, cyber security and more importantly, how it all tied together.

Many of the business owners were interested in using technology to reduce costs and run more efficiently, but had no idea where to start or who to call. Mike saw a real need for professional Information Services in rural North Central West Virginia so he started MiTec Computer Solutions in 2006.

Ten years later, the staff at MiTec is helping over 50 businesses and organizations throughout the area and monitoring hundreds of computing devices around the clock making sure they are patched, secured, backed up and running smoothly. They use "best in class" procedures, policies, software and vendors to automate most of the maintenance required in today's modern business networks.

MiTec is a "cloud" company making use of many of the new cloud computing technologies in their own day to day business. These include remote support and monitoring, hosted Exchange and Office 365, automated off site backup, and hosted server applications. If it is digital and used in a business MiTec can help you choose, install, test, and maintain it.

Mike has served as guest speaker on many occasions throughout the community on topics such as "The Cloud" and "Cyber Security." He is constantly reading, writing and researching the best technology solutions for his clients to ensure they spend their time on what they do best—running their company or organization.

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