Your Need for IT Management

Need computer help?

If your business uses computers, they need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. Technology is continually growing in complexity and importance. It's an essential part of your business, and the data stored on your computers is most likely irreplaceable. What would happen if your accounting software crashed, or the last three years of your tax and sales information just vanished?

If your business doesn't have the necessary computer expertise in-house, you can call on us. MiTec specializes in serving the computing needs of small to medium sized businesses. We cater to enterprises that are too small to afford full-time IT staff, but which have the desire to use technology to streamline their business and remain competitive in their markets.

MiTec professionals have over 75 years of combined experience and training to assist with all your technological needs. We work directly with business owners to solve problems, address challenges, and pursue opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that technology should provide a return on investment, and we don't recommend a solution unless we can prove to you, our client, the value it brings to your company. Merely installing a piece of software or hardware is only part of the equation; we dig deeper to integrate real solutions that will increase productivity and profits. We actually use the software and systems we sell, so our recommendations come with confidence and experience.

Key on keyboard

Our Code of Ethics

  1. The time for which you are paying me belongs to you. I will eliminate other distractions and focus on the set of problems you have entrusted to me.
  2. I will tell you the truth, even when it hurts.
  3. I will try to accurately estimate requirements when they are requested.
  4. I will keep you regularly updated on my progress.
  5. I will only perform work for which you have given your approval, or as outlined in our contract.
  6. When I don't know something, I won't try to hide behind a facade of expertise. Instead, I'll ask pertinent questions and conduct additional research.
  7. I will do my best to share my knowledge, to document my work, and to make it as understandable as possible.
  8. If someone else is better qualified to handle an assignment, I'll tell you. It's more important for me to get the job done right.
  9. My recommendations will be based on experience and research. I will attempt to present choices that reflect the best solution for your present and future needs.
  10. I will treat you as I would like to be treated.

MiTec Services

Proactive Maintenance

Keeping computers up-to-date can be time-consuming if done manually. MiTec's proactive maintenance, anti-virus updates, system updates, integrity checks, and security procedures are all performed automatically. If you have trouble with a computer or server, we can view and control the desktop from our office, getting you up and running quickly.

Backup and Recovery

MiTec works with you to ensure your critical systems are properly backed up. We periodically test these backups, so when you need to recover a file or an entire computer, you can! Don't fall into a false sense of security about backup systems that have been working for years, because it may have been years since they were tested and certified.

We can develop a backup plan that fits your specific needs by asking those important questions about "how often" and "what" must be backed up. Call us today for a free consultation about your existing systems.

Servers and Networks

As your business grows, good communication between employees is needed. You can improve efficiency by sharing information such as common files, databases and business application software over a computer network. A server is a central location where all of these things are stored. Take advantage of our experience with many local businesses to ensure you have the right combination of software, hardware and network gear to grow with your business.

With improvements in network capacity and the ability to work wirelessly or remotely, businesses should regularly re-evaluate their needs and their IT infrastructure. MiTec will take the time to work with you and get to know your business before recommending any solution. We never just recommend a bunch of "stuff" you don't need. Our aim is to make sure you are using what you have now to the fullest extent before spending more money on new technology.

We are selective about who we work with, and seek to develop lasting, long term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to become a trusted business partner and your virtual Chief Information Technology Officer.

The Cloud

We use cloud providers, software and hardware, in our own business and have the experience to help our clients choose the right fit for their operations.

HIPAA Consulting

If your company handles health or medical information, you are required by law to be in compliance with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We can work with you to ensure your company has the necessary administration, physical, and technical safeguards in place to protect your clients' sensitive health information.

Drop-Off Computer Repair

We provide our clients with an affordable and practical computer repair solution without all the geek speak. Our computer repair service is thorough; our certified technicians check for spyware, viruses, needed updates, and more. We will provide you with a cost effective computer repair solution that not only makes sense technically but also financially.