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MiTec is an Information Technology (IT) management and consulting company located in Elkins, West Virginia. We serve several counties and have clients with offices in surrounding states. Our clientele includes non-profit organizations, healthcare, and small businesses that have 5 to 75 computers.

When you call, someone answers 9-5 M-F

Solutions tailored to your needs and budget

Access to combined expertise of our team

Proven, documented processes and procedures

Loaner equipment to keep you running

Proactive monitoring of your systems and backups

When you hire MiTec, you have access to the "MiTec Team" of highly-qualified, experienced professionals. Having solid, reliable technology people behind you can make all the difference. We can help you get there!

What You Can Expect

MiTec's mission is to help you make the best use of technology to save time and money. We stand by the systems and software that we install, through service, training, and support. That way, you can concentrate on your business and not worry about your computers.

We make every effort to answer the phone or have a member of our team call you back quickly. As professionals, we are current on the latest trends and technologies. Why chance your organization or company's future by going it alone?

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See what our clients say about us...

"When MiTec came in... The speed has been incredible, no slow downs, no drags. You can call whenever you need to call and they are quick to respond."

— Bobby Benavides, FUMC of Elkins

"They are looking out for us and protecting our information so I don't have to worry about that myself."

— Lydia Johnson-Grady, Children's Advocacy Center

"We have not had any down time, which prior to MiTec services had NEVER happened before. Since we have had fewer problems than we did in the past, we have saved a great deal of money on technical support."

— Crystal Conti, Skinner Insurance

"MiTec always takes time to answer our questions without making us feel like a non-tech person."

— Linda Koch, Randolph County Housing Authority

Call Us Today: (304) 614-0186

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